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A brief discussion on integrating knowledge and action to provide good after-sales service

Dare to say that if it breaks, it can be repaired. It means that the brand has quick response after-sales capabilities, and it represents the manufacturer's confidence in the product. The lower maintenance cost can greatly extend the life cycle of the product, which is another aspect of the value of our products. reflect. We often hear on-site workers praise our after-sales service, this is our advantage! Therefore, improving the quality of maintenance is also the top priority of the company's after-sales service. However, it can be repaired, but the question comes again: What should I do if it doesn’t last after you repair it? How long will the warranty last after repairs? Most of the people who asked these questions frowned or looked serious. They may have suffered a lot. They had just dismantled it for repairs, and it broke again a few days after it was repaired. They probably have to dismantle it for repairs again. This operation is really torture. People... This leads to an important indicator of maintenance service quality - the secondary repair rate. How important is it to control the secondary repair rate? If the performance appraisal is only based on the number of repairs per unit time, blindly pursuing efficiency and ignoring other things, the repairs will come back soon after being repaired, and it will enter a vicious cycle: the monthly number of repair parts will continue to increase, the maintenance pressure will increase, and mandatory requirements will be imposed. Faster repair efficiency results in more repair parts. Compared with the increasing workload, the number of maintenance workers per unit has increased and their performance has improved. However, in fact, they have gone astray. If it lasts for a long time, it will be difficult to return, causing the maintenance department to be overwhelmed.  

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Happy New Year, may everything go as you wish!


Happy New Year, may everything go as you wish!

Cherish life and "save" it by your side


Following the fire safety knowledge training for new employees, in order to further enhance and strengthen the health protection awareness of company employees and prevent problems before they occur, on the afternoon of April 16, Yilian Industrial once again organized all employees in the factory to carry out "Learn First Aid, Save Others and Save Yourself" Basic first aid training lecture on the theme. The company specially invited professionals from Shanghai Yue'an Health Promotion Center to come to the factory to give lectures. The entire basic training is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge and on-site practical operations. The content mainly involves the introduction of first aid and cardiopulmonary surgery background, adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulation drills, automatic external defibrillator introduction and simulation drills, etc.




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