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  In steelmaking converters and refining systems, the motor is used as power to lift the oxygen lance under normal conditions. However, in order to ensure safe production, a special accident drive circuit is required to lift the lance body in an emergency. The pneumatic accident drive system uses the compressed air source to operate the pneumatic motor drive device through the functional control of the air control cabinet in the event of an accident (such as power outage, motor failure, etc.), and lifts the gun body to a suitable and safe place in a short period of time. Location.
  Similarly, in the process of converter tilting, desulfurization mixing and lifting, and ladle rotation, the pneumatic accident drive system can be used to ensure safe production.
  Such a pneumatic drive system is mainly composed of a power part (including pneumatic motor, clutch, brake) and a control part (main air control cabinet, remote control cabinet).
  Yilian Industrial, as an industrial equipment manufacturing company specializing in the R&D, design and production of industrial pneumatic products, designs and designs products based on the actual needs of the site on the premise of digesting and absorbing advanced foreign experience. A more practical all-pneumatic accident drive system has been developed. The power part uses advanced foreign pneumatic motors to ensure timely and reliable power output; the control system components mainly use advanced products such as Festo, and carefully designed logic control ensures that the motor, clutch, brake and other units follow different timing requirements. action to avoid gun slipping or dropping; the control system also has interlocking, safety and other requirements to avoid damage to equipment and personnel under abnormal conditions such as misoperation and loss of air source pressure.
  For more than ten years, our all-pneumatic accident drive system has played an important role in production safety in many steel projects at home and abroad.

Domestic project applications include:

✥ Baosteel Zhanjiang 350-ton converter oxygen/lance accident improvement
✥ Baosteel Zhanjiang molten iron desulfurization mixing accident improvement
✥ Baosteel Meishan 250-ton converter oxygen Gun accident improvement
✥ Baosteel Meishan converter tilting accident driver
✥ Baosteel Luojing 180-ton converter oxygen gun accident improvement]
✥ The oxygen lance accident of Baotou Steel's 240-ton converter has been improved
✥ The oxygen lance accident of Bayi Steel Plant's 150-ton converter has been improved
✥ The argon oxygen lance of Taiyuan Steel Plant's AOD furnace Accident improvement
✥ Shagang 180-ton converter oxygen lance accident improvement
✥ Shagang 120-ton converter tilting accident drive
✥ Lianyuan Steel Plant 210-ton converter oxygen lance accident improvement
✥ Rizhao Dagang 250T converter tilting accident drive system
✥ Anfeng Steel 180T converter tilting project
✥ Jiangsu Delong 90TAOD furnace oxygen lance accident lifting system
✥ Jiangsu Delong 90TAOD furnace tilting accident driving system

Foreign project applications include:

✥ Iran ARFA Steel 260T Converter Oxygen Lance Accident Lifting System
✥ Iran ARFA Steel Ladle Rotation Accident Drive
✥ Iran MOBARAKEH STEEL Ladle Rotation Accident Drive
✥ The 180-ton converter oxygen lance accident in the BL project in India has been improved
✥ The molten iron desulfurization and stirring accident in the Indonesian BASIC project has been improved

Bayi Steel Plant pays gun

Bayi Steel Plant tilts

Oxygen lance of Bayi Steel Plant

Baosteel Zhanjiang oxygen gun

Baosteel Zhanjiang KR

Baosteel Zhanjiang KR

Meishan Steel Plant Tilt

Meishan Steel Plant Oxygen Gun

Shagang converter tilting

Iran ARFA ladle rotation

Control cabinet

Control cabinet





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