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1. Precautions for use 
1. The installation must be firm to avoid vibration during operation.
2. Please install triple components to ensure the air source pressure and flow.
3. Do not idle for a long time without load.
4. If a malfunction occurs, stop using it immediately and check the cause.
5. When connecting the motor output shaft and the load input hole, please ensure that the concentricity of the two shaft centers is within ±0.05mm.
6. Please check the air compressor regularly and drain the water in time to ensure that all components are working properly.
7. Please check and clean foreign matter in the pipeline regularly.
8. The maximum working pressure of the motor shall not exceed 6.2bar.
9. The size of the air inlet pipe must be greater than or equal to the size of the motor air inlet.
10. For other details, please refer to the product manual.

2. Common faults of pneumatic motors, causes and solutions


Common malfunctions



If not used for a long time, it will not work.

Internal rotor rusted

Under lubricated conditions, idle for 0.5-1min

Power/speed too low

Air source pressure is low

Check air compressor, pipelines and valves

Blade wear

Replace blades

Poor air source quality

Clean pipes, filters, disassemble and clean motor

Pipes clogged or leaking

Check the pipeline

Insufficient lubrication or foreign matter

Lubricate the motor as required. If the problem persists, disassemble and clean the motor.

Abnormal temperature rise

Bearing damage

Replace bearings

Insufficient lubrication

Add lubricant as required

3. Warranty
1. This product has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase by the customer.
2. Relevant sales staff will respond and handle the request within 24 hours after receiving it.
3. This product’s warranty does not include wearing parts (blades, springs, pins, bearings, shaft seals).
4. During the warranty period, any product problems caused by unauthorized disassembly or assembly of this product will not be covered by the warranty.
5. During the warranty period, if the installation and operation are not carried out in accordance with the contents of the product manual, the resulting product problems will not be covered by the warranty.
6. During the warranty period, product problems caused by modification, misuse or abuse of this product are not covered by the warranty.
7. Under the conditions of compliance with the warranty regulations, replacement or return services can be provided for defective products, where the refund amount shall not exceed the sales amount of the product.
8. If the above items conflict with the company's sales terms, the sales terms shall prevail.

4. Maintenance  
1. If there is a problem with the product, you should promptly provide the product model and serial number and contact the relevant sales personnel.
2. A disassembly report and repair quotation will be issued within 2 working days after receiving the repaired product; repair will be carried out within 3 working days after confirmation, and delivery will be made within 2 working days after completion.
3. A 6-month warranty is provided for the parts replaced by the repair center.
4. Can provide on-site service within 24 hours.





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