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By doing these 8 things well, factory production efficiency will steadily improve!

The competition between enterprises is essentially a competition between efficiency and cost (of course, on the premise of ensuring product quality). How to continuously improve production efficiency is a key issue for the sustainable development of enterprises. Improving production efficiency is also the fundamental way to reduce manufacturing costs.

Of course, we must operate strictly according to the process standards (SOP). In order to enable the operator to better understand the production process and improve work efficiency, the upper and lower processes should be understood and analyzed carefully, and the process must be continuously improved. Based on the principle, a reasonable operation method can be obtained through feasible methods.
When doing our homework, should we consider the following questions:
1. Is it necessary to do a certain action? Is there a better way?
2. Why do you want to do it here? Is there a more suitable place?
3. Why do you do it now? Is there a more suitable time?
So, regarding the issue of how to improve productivity, the author puts forward the following opinions based on his own experience at the work site:
Improve our working habits< a i=7>1. Maintain a good sitting posture, so that the body and the workbench are more reasonably combined, which is conducive to work. 2. Try to use both hands for production work during the production process. 3. Within the operating range, try to keep the movement within a short distance to improve time utilization. 4. Improve employees’ production skills (carry out periodic training and skill assessment). Reasonably allocate the workplace and pay attention to the placement of raw materials1. The movement paths of hands and arms should be within the normal working area (those that can be reached by hands in normal sitting postures) scope). 2. For work that requires visual attention, normal vision should be ensured and the situation at the work site can be clearly seen. 3. Tools and materials should be placed in fixed locations for easy access. You can also place commonly used and highly reused materials nearby and place them in order according to the assembly sequence of the materials. Tools and Equipment1. Tools and equipment should be placed within easy reach. 2. Design and use simple auxiliary tools or tooling to make production smoother, more reasonable, and facilitate operations. Material handling1. For easy access, good design must be done in advance. 2. Whether to consider arranging some tooling designed based on the principle of gravity to transport materials to the place of use. 3. Preset and classify materials and parts required for the next process.  


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Happy New Year, may everything go as you wish!


Happy New Year, may everything go as you wish!

Cherish life and "save" it by your side


Following the fire safety knowledge training for new employees, in order to further enhance and strengthen the health protection awareness of company employees and prevent problems before they occur, on the afternoon of April 16, Yilian Industrial once again organized all employees in the factory to carry out "Learn First Aid, Save Others and Save Yourself" Basic first aid training lecture on the theme. The company specially invited professionals from Shanghai Yue'an Health Promotion Center to come to the factory to give lectures. The entire basic training is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge and on-site practical operations. The content mainly involves the introduction of first aid and cardiopulmonary surgery background, adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulation drills, automatic external defibrillator introduction and simulation drills, etc.




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