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M series vane air motor

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    • Commodity name: M640F

    Yilian M series vane pneumatic motors cover the power range from M2-M12 from 0.66Kw-7Kw. At the same time, the application range has met the needs of all walks of life. The unique design structure of Yilian motors completely solves the problem that the pneumatic motor cannot bear the shaft. Xiang Li has a problem. At the same time, the motor blades are made of polymeric polymer materials, and their excellent high-temperature resistance has completely surpassed foreign technology. At the same time, Yilian pneumatic motors have applied for and passed a number of technology patents. It is excellent technology that creates superior products, and we can quickly gain favor from many industries such as mining machinery, coal mines, papermaking, and chemicals!

    1. Vane type pneumatic motor
    Characteristics of pneumatic motor:
    1. Pure air drive, can operate safely under dangerous conditions, work engineering It will not produce any sparks or leakage of hydraulic oil, and it is absolutely explosion-proof equipment
    2. Even under overload and stall conditions, it will not overheat or burn out due to overload< /span>5. Cold running characteristics minimize the impact of harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity or dustiness4. Quick start and stop. and commutation - eliminating delays in the motor's acceleration or deceleration phase
    3. No expensive controller is required. Continuous speed change and variable torque can be achieved through pressure adjustment or air valve adjustment.


    2. Advantages of Yilian M series vane pneumatic motors
    1. Lubrication-free operation (except M12)
    2. Larger axial bearing capacity 
    3. GB/SAE standard output interface 
    4. Various types of reduction mechanisms can be configured 
    5. Braking and reversing functions can be integrated
    6. Remote control can be achieved
    7. The motor has good adaptability and can be replaced with different Shaft


    This picture shows Yilian M series pneumatic motorPower, speed and torque, etc.Various specifications and parameters

    Three, M6 series leaves type Elevator motor
    ✤ Maximum success rate2.7
    < a i=4>KW✤ Maximum success rate time transfer speed3000 RPM< /span> m³/m3.4Maximum efficiency consumption amount为✤ NM11.8Tracking time✤  NM7.2启动扭矩为 ✤  RPM7900free traffic speed


    In industrial applications, our motors have good adaptability and can replace different types of rotors and provide different installation methods. They are often used in industrial cranes, mixers, and provide trolley power, etc.


    M640F vertical flange installation


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