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M-B series helical gear reduction motor


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    • Commodity name: M-B series helical gear reduction motor

    M-B series helical gear reduction motor power ranges from 0.66KW to 7 KW, speed from 15RPM to 600RPM

    The reducer equipped with the M-B series is a helical gear reducer. The helical gear reducer consists of 2-stage, 3-stage reduction and combined transmission. There are a total of 12 specifications of helical gear reducers, which can be installed horizontally or flange in any position. The solid shaft output and transmission adopt high-strength hardened helical gears, which have large transmission torque, strong impact resistance, compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise, and high overload capacity.

    N-B series reduction motors are often used in papermaking and metallurgy.

    Real photos of M-B helical gear reducer

    M-B helical gear reducer + M6 pneumatic motor real shot





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