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undergraduate course

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1-3 years

Thank you for your attention to Yilian Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and sincerely welcome talented people to join us and develop together with us.
Please send your resume to: info@ellem.cn (please name your resume as follows: Position applied for - name)
Working location: Shanghai
 Able to independently assemble, install and debug equipment according to mechanical drawings, proficient in using relevant tools and measuring tools, more than two years of experience in mechanical processing, assembly, maintenance and after-sales service;< /span>Mechanical related major, college degree or above; Candidates with certain experience in equipment after-sales service management will be given priority. Be proactive in work, have ideas and clear organization, be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and have a strong sense of responsibility And good team spirit;
Have certain learning ability, language expression and communication skills;  


Recommended position

Mechanical Design Engineer

1-3 years


junior college



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