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Mr. Yu said, what is "sincere cooperation and common development"

What is "sincere cooperation and common development"?
As early as the end of 2011, Director Liu of the company proposed the company’s development philosophy: sincere cooperation and common development. I completely agree, because this is actually my wish. But this refined concept is also like a "slogan". If everyone doesn't truly understand its essence, I don't think it will have any substantive meaning.
Ten years have passed now. During this period, I never forgot this fundamental company development "principle" during the company's operation and management. I also conducted company operations and management in full compliance with this principle. However, I didn't talk much about the company's development philosophy with you, and I didn't talk much about the company's development philosophy with you. It’s just that Director Liu and I occasionally mentioned that many of our colleagues may still not know much about this concept or understand it; some disagree or even dismiss it, thinking that it is an empty slogan, let alone combining it with their own in-depth understanding. Thought about it.

"Sincere cooperation and common development" - sincerity is the foundation.
What is sincerity? Truth and frankness are sincerity, duplicity is false sincerity. And what we mean by "sincerity" in cooperation is somewhat extended. In addition to being truthful and candid, we also need to be sincere, be responsible, willing to pay, and constantly improve our abilities, etc. These are all sincerity. And they are indifferent to the company's affairs, avoid the important and do nothing; or they are only interested in sharing benefits, hiding selfishness, giving less or not giving; or they are obsessed with being a "diver" and hang around in the company's relatively relaxed atmosphere. , let alone any sense of responsibility, etc., these are all insincere.
Whether we are sincere or not, it will actually show up in our work. You can recall the original performance of some employees who have resigned, as well as some positive or negative behaviors among our current team members. Performance. At the same time, I also ask everyone to examine whether Director Liu and I are sincere or not.
Sincerity is the foundation, because without sincerity, cooperation cannot continue, let alone development. Director Liu said: There is a misunderstanding in many cooperations, that is, sharing weal and woe, sharing different dreams, and working in the same room. The fundamental problem lies in "sincerity." We are well aware of the dangers of "not being sincere enough", so when Director Liu proposed the development concept, he also added: Anyone who forms a clique and does small things behind the scenes is a "gang" because they are just for Personal interests or hidden selfishness are contrary to our development philosophy and must be eliminated immediately. The fundamental basis of the "precipitation and purification of team values" that I have focused on over the years is sincerity. To be clear, sincerity is the basic capital for everyone to work together. If you don’t have the capital, we won’t cooperate.

"Sincere cooperation and common development" - Cooperation is how our relationship works.
We just need a collaborative approach based on sincerity to pursue our vision. Although our employees have signed labor contracts with the company, the "employees" defined in Yilian's development philosophy are different from many companies in that they are not essentially an employment relationship, but a cooperative relationship. I have always pointed out: Your salary is not given by the company, but reflects your value in cooperating with the company.
The company is transparent and open to all employees from the development direction to the operating status of each stage; we do not eliminate the last ones, nor pursue job substitutability, nor do we replace a group of employees every three years; Team Members are respected regardless of their positions; labor costs account for a very high proportion of costs in operations. These all reflect that our relationship is a partnership rather than an employment relationship. However, some people in our team do not put themselves in the position of "collaborators". They view and handle everything with the mentality of being employed, completely losing the consciousness and initiative of a collaborator.
Since it is cooperation, of course it cannot be separated from the basic concept of cooperation, that is, all parties to the cooperation must first have "capital" and pay "cost". The company's capital is the platform and sincere distribution system for everyone to perform, so what should be the capital contributed by each of our members? I want to leave this question for everyone to think about.

"Sincere cooperation and common development" - development is the pursuit, and common development is the fundamental goal.
With a sincere attitude and cooperative approach, it is our pursuit to achieve the common development of the company platform and each member. Development is the wish of each of us. In my opinion, everyone is very unified on this point. But in the past few years, I expressed to shareholders: Our development is slow, and shareholders agree with this. The so-called development is slow compared to our vision. In fact, we have developed. From product lines to quality, performance, scale, headcount, income, management level, etc., aren’t we all developing? However, please review, we want to develop independent products, some people do not believe it; I said that the difficulties are temporary, and there will definitely be bonuses in the future, but some people do not believe it; I said that the market will break through soon, and our income level will increase by one times, some people don’t believe it; Director Liu said we want to make good products, but some people don’t believe it; Director Liu said we want to realize the “Three Five-Year Plan”, but some people still don’t believe it; the “three lines of simultaneous development” I’m about to propose, it’s estimated that Some people will be even more disbelieving. Even if what I didn’t believe before came true, I still don’t want to reflect on it.
This makes me understand that our slow development is not because of anything else, but because "I don't believe it"! Because we don’t believe it, our thoughts and actions are biased, changed, and out of shape. What affects the development of the company and everyone is not the market, nor the opponents, nor the abilities of colleagues, but each of us! In the process of company development, there is actually too much space, too many opportunities, and too many things to do. Each of us can make a big difference. It's a pity that my development was affected by "disbelief". Maybe we are unwilling to be mediocre in our hearts, but we have successfully turned ourselves into a mediocre "tool man" on this platform.
Some people’s “disbelief” also includes another point, that is, they do not believe in “common development”. They think that even if there is development, it is the development of the boss, and they do not believe that it will lead to my (our) development. I don't want to waste any more words on people like this, and I don't bother to pay attention to them because I really don't have the energy. All I can say is that I will find people I believe in to work with!
To be clear, our "co-development" is broad and not limited to existing team members. The clearer direction of "common development" is the continuous development of the Yilian platform and the continuous development of the company's members from generation to generation!
Ten years of practice have made me realize more and more deeply that our development concept is by no means an empty talk, but has "substantial connotation"! We need to practice it with every word and deed.
Why should I talk about the development concept again today? Because with the development of this platform, the company needs to have unified thoughts and unified concepts as a foundation, seize the special stage of the current social development, and work together , facing the opportunities and challenges given by the market, realizing the improvement of our company's development strength and the quality of life of our employees, this is our beautiful vision of common development!  

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