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Some thoughts triggered by "Yu Zongshuo"

     A few days ago, Mr. Yu published an article about reinterpreting "sincere cooperation and common development", which triggered widespread thinking among employees and led to group discussions within the company. It has been ten years since the company proposed this development concept in 2011. Why is it at such a stage of development? A long and in-depth explanation shows the importance of truly understanding and recognizing the company's philosophy for the company's development, because only true understanding and recognition of the company's philosophy are important to the company's development. Only by understanding can we think, resonate, believe, and act in the same direction, and there can be more substantial cooperation and development between the company and its employees.

     There are some keywords in the article, "employment relationship", "cooperative relationship", "capital", and "disbelief". Perhaps these words can help us understand more deeply what sincerity is, what cooperation is, and what common development is. How to say "I believe".

     Employment relationship, simply put, is a labor relationship formed by employees providing services to the company and the company paying corresponding remuneration. A cooperative relationship is a relationship in which both parties assist and grow with each other on the condition that they have a certain "capital", have a common goal, do a common cause, and seek common development. The definitions are different, the mentality is different, and the expressions are naturally different. In an employment relationship, most people show selfishness or ignore things that don't concern themselves; in a cooperative relationship, they integrate everything they have into it and are able to think about what they should do and what they can do from the perspective of the company owner. What, how to do it better. In our existing team, there are some "partners" with a cooperative mentality. When the team needs them, they will actively choose to overcome their own difficulties and sacrifice some personal interests in order not to affect the company as a whole. For example, a colleague of the Beijing company needs to go to work on time due to some special reasons during the company's month-end period, so as to ensure that the company's business phone lines are open and related business is handled in a timely manner. She "decided" to temporarily live in an express hotel near the company. Taking care of her elderly mother, she was also taken to the hotel. In addition, a female colleague from the Shanghai company was worried that the company's phone calls could not be answered in time when other colleagues went to the Wuxi factory. In spite of her physical inconvenience, she still Insist on leaving the house after five o'clock in the morning, complete the medical examination in the shortest possible time, and arrive at the company on time as much as possible. Although what they bring to the company is not spectacular performance, this simple contribution is the minimum responsibility for their own work, and it is also a responsibility for the company's work. We think this is a kind of cooperative spirit.

        We know that no matter what kind of cooperative relationship there is, there will be leadership, division of labor, cooperation, assistance, communication, and responses. As a collaborator, the "cost" of cooperation is a necessary condition. In addition to the currency of measurement, "cost" can also take many forms. How to reflect the "value" of the collaborator to complete the above cooperation work should be everyone's responsibility. Employees who work with a collaborator mentality must think. What kind of work is valuable? Different job functions and different roles, each person's value in the company may be large or small, tangible or intangible, but as long as we think about all the "behaviors" that are beneficial to the development of the company and can promote the progress of the company, these work behaviors All efforts are valuable. Therefore, in this "cooperative relationship" with Yilian characteristics, if we want to embody this value, I think it should be our true responsibility for our own work. Work with a sincere attitude, communicate sincerely, help sincerely, take responsibility at work sincerely, and reflect your own value in the development of the company - I can't do without the company, and the company can't do without me. Only in this way, the company and the individual There are endless possibilities for development.

     Mr. Yu mentioned in the article that the company’s slow development is due to our various “disbeliefs.” To sum up, it mainly stems from three aspects: First, we don’t believe in ourselves, we don’t believe that we can get better, we don’t believe that we can get better, and we don’t believe in ourselves. Believe that you can do more, there are cognitive factors, and there are also factors that satisfy the status quo, and you are always used to waiting; secondly, the current atmosphere makes "I don't believe it", and team members are less involved, and even some He did not participate. There is less communication, less understanding, and less understanding, leading to a lack of trust; third, the existing team status makes "I don't believe it", a vague sense of goal, a weak will, and a lack of execution, all leading to Now everyone's status results.

For these "disbeliefs", what I want to say is - if we can't believe others, please believe in ourselves. Not only must we believe, but we must always reflect on ourselves and think more about how to change and improve ourselves and improve our own abilities. Professional abilities, communication and collaboration skills, etc., expand your own structure, check whether your status is suitable for the current position and whether it matches the company atmosphere, thereby affecting more members around you and driving them to grow together; we don’t care whether we can How much value can we create? At least we can't let it slip when the team needs us. Maybe we can still allow ourselves to grow slowly, but the cruel reality of the market cannot allow us to grow slowly. The so-called opportunity cannot be lost and will never come back, but we don't know everything is possible. All can be obtained through our own diligent efforts. This is the mentality of a collaborator. If each of us "believes in ourselves" with this mentality of a collaborator, I think our team must be a team full of combat effectiveness. A team full of positive energy, a team with unlimited hope for development.
I believe, and am willing to believe, that if we all start by believing in ourselves and changing ourselves, this team will be strong and will definitely be able to make good products, and the market will soon break through. Three Fives Plan, three lines will develop simultaneously, the income level will double, and other goals will be realized one by one at a visible day, thus truly interpreting and realizing the company philosophy of sincere cooperation and joint development.  

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Happy New Year, may everything go as you wish!

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Following the fire safety knowledge training for new employees, in order to further enhance and strengthen the health protection awareness of company employees and prevent problems before they occur, on the afternoon of April 16, Yilian Industrial once again organized all employees in the factory to carry out "Learn First Aid, Save Others and Save Yourself" Basic first aid training lecture on the theme. The company specially invited professionals from Shanghai Yue'an Health Promotion Center to come to the factory to give lectures. The entire basic training is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge and on-site practical operations. The content mainly involves the introduction of first aid and cardiopulmonary surgery background, adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulation drills, automatic external defibrillator introduction and simulation drills, etc.




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