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In the recent discussion on the development concept of "sincere cooperation and common development", many people did not understand the concept of "cooperative relationship" and "cooperative employees" proposed by the company. I suggest that we can analyze the feelings through the following comparison. .


employment mindset

The cooperative relationship between a company or boss or shareholders and employees is relative to another relationship - the employment relationship.

I think these two relationship states are fundamentally different thinking patterns of both parties in the relationship. Whether the two parties have a cooperative mindset or an employment mindset determines their different work behaviors, which ultimately produce completely different work results.

In the eyes of a boss with an employment mindset, employees, like factories, equipment, raw materials, and technology, are just one of the resources for him to realize his interests. In order to realize profits, you must spend money on renting factories, buying equipment, learning skills, hiring employees, etc. However, in order to maximize your own interests, of course, you hope that these costs should be as low as possible. Therefore, both labor and operating costs must be strictly controlled, unless absolutely necessary, because these are net profits; therefore, positions must be replaceable, otherwise employees will increase their worth. Labor costs; there can’t be too many old employees because they don’t work much and their wages are high, etc.; a boss with a hiring mindset acts to maximize his own interests, and he believes that the company’s interests are achieved at his own personal risk. The result of business operations is a purely self-interested thinking mode.

     Employees with an employment mindset will also view their work with a short-sighted view and only consider existing immediate benefits. He knows that as long as he works, his boss will definitely pay him wages. He knows that if he does something that others cannot do, he can ask for a raise. He knows that he can change jobs if he pays him a higher salary. He also knows that he can turn off the lights after get off work and improve work efficiency. , Doing things carefully is of little significance, because he thinks that these are saving money for the boss, and have nothing to do with him, so he does not need to think about it or do it.

     Therefore, under the employment relationship, the interests of the boss and the employees are opposed, and each takes care of his own. The boss tries to reduce labor costs as much as possible for his own benefit. He doesn't care about employee promotion, career development, etc. He only needs to know how many employees the company has, but not their names, ages, and personalities. Employees only think about their own interests such as "monthly wages" and how to improve their salary or income or change jobs. As for what the company wants to do and whether it wants to develop, they are indifferent.

     Most companies have this kind of employment relationship and employment-type thinking. In fact, it is peaceful. Everyone is thinking about their own thoughts. Of course, there is no emotion in this game relationship. Some people say that companies under the employment relationship do not achieve a win-win situation, but only win-win for the boss. And in my opinion it's a lose-lose.

collaborative mindset

     The opposite of the employment relationship is the cooperative relationship between the company and its employees, and between employees. This cooperative thinking mode has the fundamental elements of "cooperation", that is, sharing and sharing. These elements do not exist in the employment relationship. Both parties in the partnership need to share as much of their own resources as possible (which resources? What to share?), and then share them in the most fair and equitable distribution method possible. In this way, everyone's interests are common and not antagonistic, and everyone's status is equal. I have always said that our income is not given by the company, but reflects our own value, which is the result of a cooperative thinking model.

     Under this thinking mode, every employee has great initiative and initiative, and they all know that the pros and cons of every detail in the company's operations are related to them. The boss will also realize that the company's interests are the result of everyone's joint efforts, and will be willing to share them. If both parties in the relationship act with a cooperative mindset, it will definitely be a win-win situation, and the result will be that one plus one is always greater than two. In the process of cooperation, everyone will also build a deep relationship like comrades-in-arms. Therefore, Director Liu and I have been pursuing a "cooperative relationship" company operating model. Therefore, when the team was first established, we proposed the company development concept of "sincere cooperation and common development." Director Liu and I have not forgotten it so far in the development of the company. It's a pity that there are so few employees who can truly understand and agree with this company philosophy.

     There is no problem in acting with an employment-type mindset in an employment relationship. Everyone gets what they need and feels at ease. If there is a cooperative relationship and awareness throughout the company, then there will be no problem if the team is full of passion and wisdom and is full of vitality.


 Current problems

     So, here comes the question...

     What if it was just employees who thought and acted cooperatively? It would be meaningless. Because you can't get sharing, and you have to leave when you are an old employee; what if the boss has a cooperative mindset and actions? It is also meaningless, because the benefits are shared, and the result of sharing is not obtained. One plus one is greater than two. What benefit does it benefit the boss to only talk about sharing? Therefore, in my opinion, only when the boss and employees jointly form a cooperative mindset and embody it with actions can our "concept of common development" be truly realized.

The company has proposed the concept of "cooperative relationship" several times and expects everyone to become cooperative employees. It is obvious that most of our employees are still in the employment mindset and are still employment-oriented employees. I very much hope that they will change. What I have pointed out in the past few years - whether to work side by side with the company or face to face, whether to make promises or have no responsibility, whether to rush for the first place or indifference, whether to combine knowledge and action or mediocrity and inaction, whether to be altruistic and self-interested to others or just to benefit myself, this is what I want to express. .


Different assessment rulers lead to different results

     Recently, many people have thoughts on the evaluation of “Level 3 employees”. Why? Because I think with a cooperative mindset, and you think with a hired mindset, we use different rulers, and the results are of course different. I use a cooperative mindset to say that everyone can make a difference, but you consider yourself a migrant worker and feel that you have done a good job; yes, what we said is both right, but the "ruler" is different. As for how to achieve a cooperative thinking mode, I can't specify it. Just like if you love your wife very much, then it shouldn't be arranged by me how to show it, right?

     Of course, if you understand what I said above, we will not feel disappointed when we are judged as first-level employees, because we are still contributors to the company and family; but we still have to think about how to improve, so that we can remember it one day In life, I feel that my time working at Yilian is meaningful and valuable. In this way, I hope even more!  

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