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M-T series worm gear reduction motor


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    • Commodity name: M-T series worm gear reduction motor

    The power of M-T series worm gear reduction motors ranges from 0.36KW to 7 KW, and the speed ranges from 23RPM to 380RPM.

    The reducer equipped with the MXX-T series is a worm gear reducer. The worm gear reducer adopts an aluminum alloy square box body with beautiful appearance. The worm gear reducer with hollow output shaft structure can be installed on multiple sides; when installed horizontally or in flange, it can provide single or double output shafts, and is also equipped with various input and output modes. It has a beautiful appearance and adopts worm gear transmission. Smooth, small size and low noise.

    Suitable for material lifting, clamping and occasions requiring self-locking function.





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