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MXX-P series planetary reduction motor


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    • Commodity name: MXX-P series planetary reduction motor

    The power of MXX-P series planetary reduction motors ranges from 0.66KW to 7 KW, and the speed ranges from 24RPM to 990RPM.

    The reducer equipped with the MXX-P series is a planetary reducer. Compared with other reducers, it has high rigidity, high precision, high transmission efficiency (single stage is 97%-98%), high torque/volume ratio, and is maintenance-free for life. Features. The internal gear of the planetary reducer is made of 20CvMnT carburizing, quenching and grinding. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high load-bearing capacity, long service life, smooth operation, low noise, large output torque, large speed ratio, high efficiency and safe performance. It has the unique characteristics of power splitting and multi-tooth meshing. It is a new type of reducer with wide versatility.

    Suitable for occasions with strict installation volume requirements.





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