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M-C series cycloid reduction motor


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    • Commodity name: M-C series cycloid reduction motor

    The power of M-C series cycloidal reduction pneumatic motor ranges from 0.66KW to 7 KW, and the speed ranges from 9RPM to 330RPM.

    The reducer equipped with the M-C series is a cycloidal reducer. The characteristics of cycloidal reducer are small size, light weight, high precision, large load-bearing capacity, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, smooth transmission and low noise.

    The cycloidal pinwheel reducer has a high speed ratio and high efficiency. The single-stage transmission can reach a reduction ratio of 1:87, and the efficiency is above 90%. If a multi-stage transmission is used, the reduction ratio will be larger. Moreover, the cycloid reducer has a compact structure and small size. Due to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft and output shaft are on the same axis, making the model as small as possible. Smooth operation and low noise. The cycloid needle teeth have a large number of meshing teeth, a large overlap coefficient, and a mechanism for balancing the machine parts, which limits vibration and noise to a minimum. The cycloidal reducer is reliable in use and has a long life. The main parts are made of high-carbon chromium steel and are quenched (HRC58~62) to obtain high strength. Moreover, some transmission contacts use rolling friction, so they are durable and have a long life.

    Suitable for heavy loads, large torque and speed output, widely used in material handling, equipment driven construction machinery production line power drives, etc.





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